Thank You to so many of our Customers, who have taken the time to share their stories and experiences about Bamber Happy Beads Products, by sending us your own personal Testimonials.


My sister just called me to say how  impressed she is with the necklace I purchased
for my niece Sophie. She said they look delightful, and Sophie is very comfortable wearing them. I have already passed on your details to her, as a mum in her mother's group wants one too...

Sara Roberts - Sydney

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!
We can see why they are called Happy Beads.

M. Lustig. Western Australia.

Micah has been wearing his necklace now for four months.
 When he goes to sleep, I wrap the necklace around his ankle and tuck it into clothes.
I've just ordered a set of Royal beads so he has a set  just for special occasions! Thanks Bamber!
Kinda Wilson. Petersham, NSW

We bought some happy beads for our third daughter Taylor when she was only six months old. She is now almost one,and I can't stop telling all my friends. Thanks bamber!
D. Gooding, Brisbane

Happy Baby = Happy Home! Thanks Bamber!
Cathy. Melbourne, Victoria

When the parcel arrived on Monday, I put the bracelet and the necklace on my baby right away. She loves Them!

Edith. Queensland