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1Are Amber teething products safe?Bamber Products
2Can the necklace be worn in the bath or swimming?Bamber Products
3Do you have gift certificates?Bamber Products
4How are the products packaged?Bamber Products
5How can I pay?Customer Service
6How do I choose the right beads?Bamber Products
7How do they work?Bamber Products
8How Long will the beads take to arrive?Customer Service
9Is it safe for my baby to chew the necklace?Bamber Products
10Should I choose a necklace or a bracelet?Bamber Products
11Terms and ConditionsCompany
12What is amber?Bamber Products
13What is Succinic Acid?Bamber Products
14What is your refund policy?Customer Service
15Where do you send your products?Customer Service